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6 slice pizza server board

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Used a red oak piece 13x36x5/8 thick for this project
Used 2 bits 1/4 bull nose and 1/4 end mill at around 120 in/min feed
took about 47 min CNC time and 20 min sanding and round overs on the parts
then the 10 min oil finish

pizza board


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That's a thing of beauty, Stan! Great concept, I love it.
Does the pizza residue come off easily?
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Neat project, Stan, and well made! You can save yourself some sanding and cleanup time if you switch to a downcut spiral bit - it'll cut through that Red Oak and not leave even a tiny splinter at the top.

Really original project.
That is neat!!
That is really nice Stan. I have not seen anything like it. Maybe you should get a patent on it.
I don't like it a bit, it is ugly.

But rename it a pie server, and it will be beautiful, and I will love it.
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thanks got to love the cnc
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pizza server

thanks everybody
Very creative and clever.
Nice and unique idea, Stan. And as always, a well made and entertaining video.
Nice project Stan, does it come with pizza?
Lovely. Have to show this to the wife!
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