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6" versus 8" jointers

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I know that this is a router forum but I have just finished 1 of my courses and we used a 6" General International Jointer which worked quite well. However, I am currently looking at the X5 Delta jointers and am looking for input on which to buy 6" or 8"...both are on sale right now and am leaning toward the 8" but have reservations on it being too big.

Also, if their are any woodworkers out there that have an 8" that they find is not used to its full capabilities and wish they had bought the 6".

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Hi Allison,
IMHO the choice would depend on what type of projects you are planning on doing and how much space you have in your shop. As for myself, I have a 6" Ridgid jointer and it seems to fit the bill for everything I have done or plan on doing. Even if you plan on making panels or table tops I would think you wouldn't want to glue up much wider than six inch boards because of the warp factor on the wider boards. That being said you will find those who say bigger is better so it still comes down to what you prefer, can afford and have the space for.
Hi Allison

How about a easy question ? ?

That's a real hard one, I have the 6" and I can move it around the shop from place to place I have use the 8" and they don't like to be moved around, I'm not sure why but when you go from a 6" to a 8" they get hvy. almost 2 times the weight.
the 6" norm is around 250lbs. 8" 550lbs. the beds are about the same 6" is about 60" and the 8" is about 75" long, they both can do the same job but the 8" can do a bit wider stock.

I guess it comes down what you want and how much room you have for it, the 8" ones are big and it's not a toy.

This just my 2 cents I would stick with the 6" one because you may want to move up to a real big one and it would be easy to sale off the 6" one and get your money out of it so you get a 10" or 12" one some day.

Bj :)
IMHO if you can afford an 8" but have no need for it, put the money into a better 6". But... That's not what she said!
Allison, perhaps the type of lumber you will be working with can help you to the best answer for you. Dimension lumber from the big box stores or the select boards from dealers such as Woodcraft or Rockler will often be available in 6" widths, or will be after trimming off damaged edges. Rough cut lumber from a mill may be 8" or larger requiring it be cut before jointing. My guess is for most useage the 6" will be fine. Remember that a quality fence will be better than a wider table since you need to be able to square your edges, and the first 2" of your blades from the fence will wear the fastest.
Allison, I think I agree on the better 6"er... would probably handle your needs.

... maybe put the dif. into a thickness planer...?
Just as a side note , she got the 8" one and a new band saw at the same time.


" Hi Bob,

We just finished putting the jointer and bandsaw together last night. The jointer works like a charm.

School is going great.

As far as projects go I am a little laid up as I almost lost my index finger tip. Not from working with any of my machines I bought but from picking up the jointer at the warehouse. When helping load the wooden jointer box, one of the legs attached to the bottom of the box slipped off the dock and crushed my finger. This happened two weeks ago and I just got some of the stitches out yesterday. Broken bone at the finger tip, torn finger tip and lost the nail. They stitched the nail back on for protection right now. Figures as it is starting to warm up here and I could get into the garage."


Bj :)
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Joe Lyddon said:
Allison, I think I agree on the better 6"er... would probably handle your needs.

... maybe put the dif. into a thickness planer...?

Yeah, what Joe said! Seriously, I cannot imagine having just a jointer -- the planer is such a perfect companion. I have a Ridgid 6" jointer, and a DeWalt 13" planer. This seems to be a pretty good paring of sizes. If I had a larger jointer, then I'd want a larger planer ... (Hmmm .. make a note to myself later to add two more items to Wish List") :)

Seriously though, you might want to start with a 6" jointer, and see if that meets your needs. It certainly has for me.

Fianlly, you might ask why the mismatch in size. Well, I've used the jointer for narrow boards that were combined, and then planed after glue-up (such as a cutting board). In fact, I could see keeping the 6" jointer, and someday having a bigger planer.

Ahhh, there is no end to the upgrade madness!
Welcome to the Router Forums Lefty Lucy. Glad to have you as a registered member and participating in the forums.
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