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We would like to buy a couple 8 1/4 saw blades for new Dewalt 7485 table saw. I have been looking at several brands and see that many use the Diablo's in most Youtube video's.
I read the riving knife is .063 thick and the kerf on the blade must be bigger than the knife.
I would prefer to go with recommended blades for the Dewalt just for the price difference, although I would certainly spend a little more on the Diablo if they last a bit longer and make cleaner cuts.
This saw came a 24 tooth blade. We read that the factory blade will not be the greatest and a 40 tooth is more a combination blade for just about everything else.
We would like to get a 40 tooth and possibly a 60 tooth to have on hand for the different uses making cleaner cuts.
Our plan is to make some bookcase type shelves, corner cabinets, along with a wall unit in the future.
We are thinking about making all these things out of pine.
24T is a rip blade, keep it for exactly that purpose. Plus, rip blades typically are FTG (flat top grind) and leave a perfectly flat groove. Great for cutting dados or box joints, if you don’t have or can’t have a dedicated dado stack. For crosscuts you’d want a 40T, these are readily sold at Lowe’s, Woodcraft, Overstock, Amazon etc. Also don’t forget that you can mount a smaller diameter blade such as 7 1/4” which is both more common and cheaper, just make sure that your saw’s arbor can take it.

If you’re worried about the riving knife and don’t want to take it off, make a zero clearance insert with a custom thickness splitter. Alternatively you can buy a set of splitters from someone like Microjig.

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