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We would like to buy a couple 8 1/4 saw blades for new Dewalt 7485 table saw. I have been looking at several brands and see that many use the Diablo's in most Youtube video's.
I read the riving knife is .063 thick and the kerf on the blade must be bigger than the knife.
I would prefer to go with recommended blades for the Dewalt just for the price difference, although I would certainly spend a little more on the Diablo if they last a bit longer and make cleaner cuts.
This saw came a 24 tooth blade. We read that the factory blade will not be the greatest and a 40 tooth is more a combination blade for just about everything else.
We would like to get a 40 tooth and possibly a 60 tooth to have on hand for the different uses making cleaner cuts.
Our plan is to make some bookcase type shelves, corner cabinets, along with a wall unit in the future.
We are thinking about making all these things out of pine.
The higher tooth count blade will give you less tear-out when doing cross-cuts (cross grain) on boards or As high as possible tooth count when cutting plywood. Rip-cuts (with grain direction) the lower tooth count will clear the saw dust quicker and less apt to leave a burn mark from the blade verses the higher tooth count blade.

Personally, I use a higher tooth count. 80 tooth count with the 10" blade. 96 tooth count with the 12" blade. I've been using primarily Bosch blades.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts