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Is this really good?
Your post really got my attention. My DeWalt saw (DWE7485 type 3) was supposed to have 2 riving knives but only came with the one with blade guards. I have been working with Customer service for 2 months now to get the non-through-cutting knife. Fiirst they said the saw only came with 1 knife. Then they sent me a riving knife that looked like the picture of the missing knife but it was only 1.6 mm thick and (per the writing on the knife) intended for a 1.4 mm saw blade. (The riving knife attached to the blade guard is 2.2 mm thick matching my 2.0 mm saw blade.) Then they sent me a 2.2 mm riving knife but it is for a 10" saw blade and my blade is 8.25". If you got two riving knives with different thickness, then maybe the proper non-through-cutting riving knife doesn't exist?? DeWalt Customer Service has really been trying to help me. Does anyone have a 2.2 mm non-through-cutting riving knife? If someone knows the part number for the proper knife, please let us know what it is.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts