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A Beginners Garage Workshop

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I got into woodworking last October, when I started on a new workbench for the garage. I found that working with wood and tools was a lot of fun.

Attached are photos from when I first started until yesterday when I completed the router table.

Any comments, suggestions would be welcome.



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To me it looks like a good beginning for a new be, I do remember what some of my first projects looked like and how many times I changed things around after seeing that what I thought was a good ideal, to see later maybe it was not, like the bits location here, lol, you poke yourself a few time and you move them, lol

I don't remember ever hearing of some one doing it right the first time or even after a 100 times as one can always see or how to make it even better, what I do know is that doing it your way and learning is always the right way of doing, just do one thing always, do it in the safest way you can and every time, learn for your mistakes and listen to what people say with an open mind, not how they say it, you can always get something good out of something bad, lol

Now those boards on the floor, off the ground, that to me is a no no, why, cause I did the same thing way back when, got hurt several times when I forgot there was a step or my kids tripped while playing in the area, I would try to keep the floor always the same level every where,

Like I said, you seem to be thinking on what you want and it looks like you planned to make changes if you need to,

Just me thinking out loud again,

GRLevel3 or Poppa Rob
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