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A Beginners Garage Workshop

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I got into woodworking last October, when I started on a new workbench for the garage. I found that working with wood and tools was a lot of fun.

Attached are photos from when I first started until yesterday when I completed the router table.

Any comments, suggestions would be welcome.



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Hey, Fred; welcome! No criticism, just come the wood duckboards? If for comfort only, wouldn't rubber matting have been easier?
You'll be hearing comments 'suggesting' you implement dust control sooner rather than later... :)
The Duckboards were needed due to my first mistake. You can't see from the photos, but the workbench is on top of a raised floor. The floor is raised about 2" for the the back 3' of the garage, the exact size of the bench.

I read that the bench should be 36" high, so that is the way I built it. Standing on the floor in front of the bench, the effective height is 38" .. uncomfortable for me.
Yes some interesting decisions here. First thanx's Dan, never heard of duck boards, even so, agree with you.

My question for you Fred is, what is the idea behind the board containing the router bits etc. on the front of the bench? Looks in the way to me but that is just my still learning brain in gear.
Putting the Drill Bits and Drivers was probably a hasty decision, I was getting so frustrated because I could never find the bit I needed. I was spending more time looking for bits and other tools, then working.

The 3 tools I use mostly are Impact Driver, Cordless Drill and a Corded drill, so keeping tract of bits is a challenge.

Organization is still a major issue, I probably need to find way on this, I am looking at some pegboard cabinet plans from the "Work Shop" magazine.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Jim,

I really appreciate your thoughts, that is what I was expecting when I posted this.

Currently, I pretty much use the workbench as an extension for the miter saw, and to store (throw) things on top.

I setup a couple of solid saw horses, and do most of my cutting, drilling .. etc on the saw horses. I am building selves for the garage, which will relieve some of the clutter.

The bit organization is a problem, I was thinking of using a 2x4 leftover.
Well when you are starting, you need to start somewhere, If I thought of the raised area I would have made the height a bit lower, the way it is now is not comfortable.
Thanks to All .. Really good info

I will implement most of the suggestions pretty soon, especially the safety related one and post photos.

Cheers !!

1 - 6 of 23 Posts
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