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Very nice Bob

I also have been feeding birds for several years BUT this year we stopped about 2 weeks ago , They must have posted a note some way that we have FREE bird seed with corn.
We started to get drive bombers that would drop little white bombs on us in the back yard, so I put up a net that's 18ft high and about 100ft long that's over the fence, it did stop them for a bit ,they would hit it and bounce off of it. hahahaha LOL :)
But the little burgers found a way to just go around it now.
But the BIG black birds just hit it and bounce off, not to the ones on the TV add.(Windex add.)

We also have a vine on the side of the house and I just took a look at it Sunday and they have made a new home with TONS of little white bombs all over the wall and the windows... :( looks like they are roosting in the vine at night time now, got to fix that.

I guess it's corn field thing, build it and they will come :)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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