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a bird feeder for all seasons

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I have been feeding birds for several years and enjoy them as visitors and neighbours in my yard.
The feeders I built them 6 years ago are getting the worse for wear with a lot of my handywork pecked away by "bird vandals". :'(
At any rate today I put the finishing touches on a 20" feeder that should give me another 6 years grace.
The wood is cedar fence boards and there is some mitering, some lathe turning and some router work so I gave my tools a decent workout on this.

I have some progress pics if you are thinking of making one .



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Excellent Bob! Very nice project that utilizes different mediums and tools. Thanks for sharing!

bob oswin said:
I had a pigeon problem this summer.
Man talk about party poopers.
I finally had to make their roosts unavailabe.

My current visitors seem to have reasonable toilet manners.


:'( :D :rolleyes: :cool: :p Hillarious!

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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