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Recently, we went to visit our daughter's mother-in-law. She was in the last stage of cancer, and the family had been called in.

And bless her heart, the lady was in good spirits and carrying on conversations like there was nothing wrong. At one point, she asked me what I had been making lately. I told her I had run out of ideas, and that I had made everyone a cutting board last year. Her daughter, who was sitting beside her in the bed, immediately spoke up "I don't have one!". We lost Jovita the following night.

Raquel (pronounced Rachel), this is for you. It will be my pleasure to present it to you soon.

Made from Cherry and Walnut, it is almost 3/4 inch thick. Not fancy but a design I drew in VCarve Pro, cut out on the CNC and routed using my dual router workstation. The first coat of mineral oil is soaking in as I type.


1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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