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A Chuck add to Muscle Chuck question.

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How much does a Muscle Chuck add to the length of the collect?
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I think that it varies with the make of the router, from memory it's around a 1/2"
That's what I recall hearing too.
1/2" must be right. Thanks guys.
Let me just add that in my opinion the MUSCLECHUCK is one of the greatest improvements in router technology probably since routers were invented. All three of my 1/2" routers have MUSCLECHUCKS. Their grip is several times that of a standard collet chuck and only requires a half turn of a 4mm, preferably ball ended Allen key to secure and release the bit.


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Hmm, I wonder if I could find one of those that fit my router...
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Just been surfing their web site. its very confusing. if you buy a musclechuck, does a 12 mm cutter fit straight in? or do you need a 12 mm collet as well?

If I wanted a musclechuck to take 6 mm, 8 mm, 12 mm and 3/8", how many collets would I need in total?
Bob according to what I've read you'll need one for every size that isn't 1/2" but I could be wrong. With any other router you usually get a 1/4 and/or 1/2 (in North America) and any other size requires a bushing.
whats confusing me is when I buy a 1/2" (12 mm) router, I dont need to buy a 1/2" (12 mm) collet.
That page seems to suggest that I would.
So if the chuck comes with one collet, will the 12 mm fit straight in and I can have a 6 mm as the one collet?

I might email them to find out.
A range of precision reducers are available from the makers web site.

Collets | Musclechuck Assembly
Hmm, I wonder if I could find one of those that fit my router...
This link shows the compatibility list.

Quick Change CNC Router Chuck Compatibility | Musclechuck Assembly
Harry, the question is do I need a 12 mm collet?

My makita takes 12 mm straight from the box, then I have sleeves that fit inside that collet to reduce to other sizes.

The musclechuck offer is ONE chuck and ONE collet, so do I have to have a 12 mm collet to fit 12 mm in to that chuck?
Bob, a Musclechuck adds 5/8" and there is an extended version of the Type 1 that is longer. 1/2" is not 12 mm and you need a bushing to use 12 mm bits in the Musclechuck; this bushing is high precision and made in the USA.

Bushings are available in a wide range of sizes both Imperial and metric.


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To be specific, if your Makita router comes with a 12mm chuck then when you replace it with a MUSCLECHUCK which only accepts 1/2" bits you will require a reducer sleeve 1/2" to 12mm available from the web site:

Collets | Musclechuck Assembly
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