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A Couple of Christmas Gifts

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Been spending quite a bit of time with my friend (the cabinetmaker) - have recently finished a vanity, a peninsula for his sister's kitchen, a kitchen island (I'll post pictures later), some shelf units. I don't get paid for my time because I don't want payment for a couple of reasons: I do it because I enjoy it, I get to use his large shop, and when I'm doing things for family members, I get materials at cost - bonus.

But, thought it was time to make a couple of quickies: made a serving tray for my friend's wife, and I thought I'd make a small gift for my wife (who loves birds, especially cardinals). Both items were made with scraps lying around the shop (except the cardinal which I had to buy!!!)


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That’s really nice work Vince , and certainly unique, as I haven’t seen that done with the branch suspended in the frame like that . I’m betting the wife is going to really like her gift :)

The serving tray is a great gift idea too. Something I should be making for my neighbor as a gift . It’s neg 20 in there right now though :fie:
Rick after all these years you should be use to the cold by now. >:)
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