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A couple of general laminating questions...

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Wow. I just installed my Woodpecker plate into my exising table (I flipped the top over). I wish I had done this from the beginning, but there was that money thing...

Anyways. It went so well that now I'd like to build another table top. I'd laminate the next one and here's a question...
Do you do anything special to the contact cement before laminating? It appears from what I'be been reading that you are basically just laminating formica (or formica-like) material from Lowes or Home Depot onto whatever substrate you used (mine is MDF). Do you thin the contact cement first or just use it straight?


Do you route your recess before or after laminating?
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Make sure both surfaces a very clean, I have not usually found it necessary to thin solvent based contact cement. after appling cement to both surfaces allow it to almost dry (tack-up) put something between the surfaces to keep them apart -dowels.sticks etc.put
the plastic laminate on the dowels and then remove the dowels(one at a time). You will definately need a heavy duty roller to work the laminate. It sounds more complicated than it is.

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