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A couple of new routers

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Here we go. I bought the Bosch 1617 fixed base[new] and a Colt[refurb] from CPO purchase was ok. But.. I bought the 1617 to replace a very old 16O4 and the colt in anticipation of the demise of my very old Ryobi[US made] TR3O. I have to say I'm not terribly impressed.
The 1617 is not as well balanced as the 16O4 nor do i like the depth adjustment. At ALL. Its not smooth and I much prefer the rotating adjustment of the older machine. I did wax the motor body which helped and replaced the knobs with the older black knobs from the older machine both of which helped a little. The older 16O4[1 3/4 hp] also seems to have at least the same power.
The Colt is pretty nice though i wish it was a little smaller[shorter] the depth adjustment sucks, again simplicity is good. and i prefer the round base with a flat better than the square base.
In response to the universal love of plunge bases I turned once more to CPO and bought a hitachi refurb kit. I have not used in anger yet but I put a round over bit in it and trimmed an edge, much more comfortable to use than the 1617 it is smaller and less top heavy. I have not used the plunge base.

At this point the Freud 17O2 is my favorite But i suspect the hitachi will over take it.
This not a total rejection of the Bosch Gods they have always been some of my favorite tools. maybe I will have to try another one.

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Graham I agree not all of Boshs are good. I bought a drill from them that I don't like at all. I could almost throw it away. :frown:

It's this drill.,default,pd.html
Graham; "...and replaced the knobs with the older black knobs from the older machine "
I agree! I really don't like those slick round wood knobs at all.
I had a recent conversation about this with BOSCH Customer Service; basically just expressed my opinion and asked if there was an alternative. There isn't.
Since my fixed base is mounted to an insert plate, I took the knobs off. They are in a drawer somewhere. I use the plunge base for hand held operations.
Graham if the Hitachi is the M12VC then I have to agree with you. It is a joy to use. I also have an M12V and an M12V2 in plunges. The M12V2 is an excellent table router and can be adjusted from above the table where the M12V could not be.
I bought the Bosch MRC23EVSK instead of the 1617 in part because of the wooden handles on the 1617. Aside from the fine adjustment drama played out in this forum last summer I am quite happy with the MRC23.
Had I known about the above table adjustability of the Hitachi I might have bought that one. I have Hitachi circular saws and drills and am very pleased with them. My only question is how can Hitachi undercut everyone else's prices!
I don't have them on anything so I'm wondering why you guys don't seem to like the round wooden knobs. I know it's no indication of how they feel, but I love the look of them.
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Exactly, Ken; they look great. But they're very slick which means you can't really apply torque against the vertical axis. Say you want to hold the router horizontally to maybe do a cut with the bit in a horizontal plane. Cutting a hinge gain for example.
The amount of stress on your wrists is exceptional because you're trying to not only control the router's cut but also support the weight of the motor, which is pulling the machine down and back in an arc. It's not a pleasant feeling.
If they were ergonomically shaped simply holding the grips would counteract the torque. I'm not sure I explained that well?
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The glossy knobs on the 1617 are larger and shaped just a little differently than the older black knobs but the attaching profile is identical. To be fair I do not have huge hands and the larger knobs may fit some better, nothing prevents one from roughing them up a little either.

That was an excellent explanation, Dan, thank you.
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