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A First Time Howdy!

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Hi Peoples,

I'm Eldon. a retiree from a telecommunications giant now living on the SC coast. Enjoy woodworking, golf and a great climate. I have a little 22' X 30' shop off my garage. My wife calls it my "pout house". What can I say!

I know I'll be asking a lot of "newbie" questions from time-to-time, so please bear with me. I'll appreciate your input and know I'll gain a lot from those of you who have already "plowed the ground".

Thanks in advance.

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Welcome aboard and glad to have you with us. Your shop is a mansion compared to my 14X17 and most other hobby woodworkers.

Feel free to ask all the questions you want and I'm sure you can help some of us with ours as well.

Look forward to seeing you around.
Welcome Eldon,

Sounds like you have a nice woodworking setup there with a shop that size. :)

Ask away, I'm sure you'll get good info from the group here.
Howdy howdy, Welcome to!
Hey Eldon, welcome to the forums and congrats on being retired. Glad you decided to join us. We can use your experience and there are people here who can help you also. 22'X30' doesn't sound like a little shop to some of us. Newbie's are most welcome here.

the "Doctor"
Welcome to the forums Eldon! Lots of great information here on this forum! Again, welcome aboard!
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