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A Gift for Connor

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My niece's oldest son is a baseball nut, just like his uncle. we both can't wait for this COVID crazyness to be over, so someone can yell PLAY BALL. Knowing how much he is missing his Little League pals, I asked his mom to send me a picture of him in his uniform and i cut this puzzle for him. It was Taken when the trophies for All Stars were given out. There are about 139 pieces, including 4 figurals/whimmsies, this was my first attempt at cutting figurals and I am happy with the way they came out and Connor was really surprised.

Sorry for thr horizontal shot. I took this pix on my iPhone as a vertical and then the APPLE Zombies changed it on me. Thanks for looking.


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Pretty tedious work and so well done, Rick!

Here are some photo posting tips if you’re taking photos with your phone or iPad – the best way for proper orientation is to shoot landscape (widescreen). Rotate your phone or iPad CCW for proper orientation. If you want your photos to be portrait then open the photo in a viewer on your computer, rotate it to the orientation you want, then save it in that orientation. It will be correct when you upload it to the servers here. If you’re shooting video please shoot widescreen like our monitors, not portrait.

The best way to post photos in line with your text is to use Go Advanced below the Quick Reply window. If you’re starting a new thread then you’re automatically in the Advanced editor. Click on the Paper Clip on the ribbon bar and that will bring up a dialogue box where you can browse to your photos. Upload them and then put your cursor where you want a photo, hit the dropdown beside the Paper Clip, and choose the photo you want inserted. If you have several photos and just want them at the end of your text then put your cursor at the end and hit the Insert All on the dropdown list of photos.

Always post a photo rather than a link; most folks won't click on a link.

Hope this helps -
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Thank you all for looking and for the nice remarks.

Great job, Rick, that is a lot of work and you did a good job. Did you blow up the picture and print it out? What size did you make it?
Is it on cardboard or wood ?
This is the kind of thing that kids remember for a long time.
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Again, thank you all for being so kind.

Herb, I did enlarge the original picture which was 4 x 6, to about 8x10. I cut the puzzle of of 1/4 inch Baltic Birch plywood, which is very stable and will survive a 10 year old and his younger siblings.

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