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A&I Supply & Advantage Track?

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Does anybody here have any experience with products by "Advantage Track" I have been considering purchasing their router table package.
Just woo like some advice from those who may have used/are using. Links included for what I am considering. tables.htm

Thanks, Chris
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Chris, most commercially sold router tables will work as advertised. My question for you is this: Wouldn't you prefer to build your own table? There are many easy to follow plans available priced around $5. Materials will run you maybe $60 if you go with all the whistles and bells. Take a few moments and look through the table mounted section of the forum to see photo's and details about member built tables and mounting plates.
The pictures and descriptions that you provided the links for were not very detailed. Even if you don't want to build your entire table, there are several kits for the table top. I bought Rockler but now I wish that I had known of the table that is used on Router Workshop. There are banners provided here. Bob makes it look so easy- I just that I had that kind of experience.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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