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a memorial piece

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Several years ago Joan and I started keeping our eyes and ears open for Military groups that we could donate a meaningful piece to

This year it is an Air Cavalry unit. a memorial to troops lost over seas. each of the small oak shelves holds a memorial bracelet with name and date on it.

This is a 48" piece carved on oak plywood, the swords, top panel and shelves are solid oak. Troops return June 23rd, we will attend a ceremony at that time.

Never forget..


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thank you...
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Most excellent!
Nice work as always Scott , and a great donation
Nice project and very thoughtful of you.
Hats off to you lil buddy
It is nice to see people being so thoughtful and gracious with their talent. Thanks to you both, You are a true inspiration and example of paying it forward.
I salute you Scott for your recognition ,and your outstanding work,and generosity.
They've said it all! Beautifully executed, Scott.
Nice donation, Scott.
What a tribute and honor! Thank You for your work.
Great project. Thank you for taking the time to recognize our Military.
Great piece for a great cause! I salute you!!
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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