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A Much Poorer Retired Plumbers’ Greenhouse.

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Hi there forum fraternity

Well as they say I did bite the bullet. As you will realise from my greenhouse furniture posting all I could afford was the greenhouse staging, which I built and stared at for a few months, annoying the hell out of me.

Before Covid it cost £800, after Covid £1360, ouch! And I wasn’t about to cough up that amount in one go, so decided to stare at the furniture a little longer.

So why are there photos of the best tomatoes in the hemisphere. All due to the company adopting PayPal. Now this is not in any way an advertisement, but they let you purchase through them and allow you to repay in four monthly payments or twelve months on any purchase over £99 free of interest. So that’s the way I went.

Now the construction. If the written instructions had been in Chinese, I would have understood them better. They have a team which will install it for you for a lot of money, which is why I think the info is so bad, to encourage you to get the full package. After completion which took three days, if someone asked me to help them build theirs, I would run a mile.

It arrives in fifteen million pieces all identical, sorting out took a day to achieve, with the help of my good wife who is still not talking to me.

In fact let me give you an insight into how our conversation went as she was out in the yard holding the greenhouse end frame which I was attempting to bolt together wrongly. It starts with quote: I could have married anyone, yes dear, I was so out of your league, yes dear, hold the frame steady dear. I could have married a six-foot Adonis, with huge biceps, handsome and rich, yes again dear. And what did I end up with, a 5’ 8’’ poor plumber who likes to shave wood and covers my house in sawdust. Yes dear, I count my blessing every day dear. 50 years married next week. I wonder what her Adonis would look like now.

The first section to build was the gable ends, twice I built it wrong and after we had it built, I had to strip it down for a third time. The minute differences between parts fooled us on a number of occasions. But we got there in the end.

What did I purchase, well I took the base and the auto openers as I felt they were essential. I took the base and ordered a load of adjustable work bench feet from Amazon and attached them to the base in order to set the base absolutely level and that’s about it.

The only other upgrade I went for was toughened glass over horticulture glass, good move as it comes in long lengths with polished edges.

What did I grow, well mainly tomatoes and cucumbers and peppers. And as a nod to our American cousins, we threw in a couple of sweetcorn plants, which have taken over. I think they must be related to Triffids; they attack me every time in go in the greenhouse.

So that’s it lads and lasses, anther journey completed.

If anyone is interested it’s a Hall’s Greenhouse 10x6. They also do it in 8x6 and 12x6. It’s aluminum painted green sitting on a steel base.

And no I don’t like eating vegetables

Colin, well under six feet and not an Adonis, somewhere in Scotland, yes dear.


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That looks really nice, Colin. I'm sure you'll enjoy the fruits of your efforts. ;-)
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