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This has nothing to do with Routers per-say but everything to do with how quick bad things happen when maybe are not as focused, paying attention when we run dangerous equipment.
Two weeks ago today after working my early morning shift, came home like normal with several medium sized limbs to cut up with a chainsaw that I had climbed up the tree and cut a few days earlier. I have run a chainsaw cutting big trees most all my life, usually crazy stuff no one else would touch. But today I was not focused and I was tired, the climbing saw I have , small pro saw, with a new bar, and chain kicked back and hit my left thumb like a dead blow hammer, boom, I knew it had got me instantly. It had my full and undivided attention instantly! I took my glove off and blood was pouring out of the tip of my thumb. It was cut in two places like a razor blade, one plenty deep, not cut off ,Thank You Jesus!. I take a lot of goodys powders , I bleed like water. I squeezed it back together and went to the house, and washed it thoroughly with dial soap, antibacterial, and press a clean cotton rag on it, to stop the bleeding, and it did stop after a while. I ended up in a urgent care where they soaked it and super glued it up, bandaged it. I took a few days off work, and have plenty much healed up for the most part. If you were going to have a accident with a chainsaw, this was about as far as I would want to take it.
I was a Woodcraft this afternoon and shared this story with gentleman in the store. He immediately lifted his right hand and showed me where his index finger was gone past the first knuckle but not a chainsaw , a table saw got him a few months ago.
Please do not pick up, turn on, or try to operate any of these wood cutting tools if you are not 100% focused on exactly what you doing, and where your hands and fingers are at all the time! All these tools will get you! Do not take them for granted ever! I still have all my fingers, but have had more stiches than I can remember, two plates, 11 screws, and two screens in my gut both sides, and have broken bones I try to forget when it's cold and they ache. I spent 3 and half weeks in a comma, defibbed threes times one afternoon.
Be careful!
Ray still making saw dust :)
I have learned that If I am tired don't go in the shop. Fortunately not an incident to talk about. Don't worry about babbling about safety, I would rather babble than wish I had told someone before the accident than after the accident.

A thought Ray, a separate discussion about safely operating machinery?
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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