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A Poor retired Plumbers Take on Baking Tray Storage

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I have had an epitomy, you mean an epiphany, yes one of those as well. What’s brought this on she asked. Boredom I replied. Go on then epitomy me she encouraged.

Ok, you know how you get frustrated, yes, she answered almost immediately. You never let me finish. Ok go on. So here I am standing in front of you she said, getting ever so frustrated. You are so twisting my words I uttered in my own frustration. Are you frustrated as well, she asked. I am know, I spluttered.

I will start again I said. When you are baking etc. you go to the cupboard under the oven to get baking trays and there are so many, they usually all tumble out on to the floor. Yes, she replied. Well, I am going to rearrange the cupboard to make that all a thing of the past. That’s your epiphany she enquired. Yes, I replied, it’s going to be the best tray cupboard in the street. Yes, she said, the neighbours will be beside themselves with jealousy. Are we going to have an open day when it’s finished. Will I put on Hors d’erves.

I felt at this point I was being disrespected, so me and my epitomy headed for the workshop where I had full respect.

Well, you have seen the before photo, so what to do. It was initially going to be vertical slats spaced apart to slide in or horizontal shelves, neither seemed ideal as you could only see the front edge and apart from that there were baking dishes which were smaller but deeper.

So, I decided on shelves, but with sides and full-length drawer runners, five in all at 4inches deep. Back on to Amazon and a 5 set of runners ordered for just under £20. I used a sheet of 12.5mm ply which surprised me as when I did all my cuts, I only had a 150mm strip left over.

Now I could have got out my dovetail jig and produced the finest dovetails known to man, but I didn’t because I have owned a Leigh jig for about 10 years and haven’t a clue how to use it. I just bought it when I saw Norm using it on the New Yankee Workshop. It’s more for decoration, makes the workshop look as though I know what I am doing. So, screws it was, lots of screws.

The photos tell the story and the only consideration I had to take into account was allowing for the Euro hinges on the cupboard door. I used old Venetian window wooden slats for spacers between the drawers and I used an old pair of full throw runners on the bottom drawer to get full access.

That’s it, lads and lasses, let the boredom commence

Colin, in Scotland slightly frustrated


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Beautiful work!
Do not let my wife see this! What an incredibly practical solution to a universal problem. Much more practical than vertical dividers. Beside that, you've surly earned at least 25,000 husband points, sufficient to get through a day or two of normal married life, or to offset that new sharpening gadget.
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Great result, Colin.

I will not show this to SWMBO......
I won’t be advertising your work in this household either, Colin.
Good job, Colin. So when's open day? ;-)
Love this! I am looking forward to sharing this with my wife!!! We NEED!!!!
Great job, Colin! If you quit your day job, you can always do stand-up comedy! Enjoyed your story immensely!
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Colin, awesome story, with tragic parallels to my own. Great concept for storage. Please send me the Leigh jig, since I could use it for my own projects which I usually fail to finish for one reason or another.
G'day @flybykat , welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum @flybykat
Great job, Colin! If you quit your day job, you can always do stand-up comedy! Enjoyed your story immensely!
Hi, glad you jumped into the fray. I keep looking at our pile of pans, and this is really the best solution.. I only need to add two drawers to the existing cabinet and it would do the trick. I even have the maple to make them and the drawer slides too. I'm working up to it.
To get remove of some of the items from standard storage and have them easily available, we did not put in fillers between cupboards that were not the same size of the space available. So we have two lower 'gaps' where we put baking pans, cookies sheets, and pizza pans and an upper one for cutting boards.
Great story and even better project!

I took a different tack. I had a plumbing leak behind the kitchen cabinet which forced me to have to remove the shelf so I could cut into the back of the cabinet. When I put the cabinet back together, I shortened the shelf and added a vertical divider leaving about 6 inches of the cabinet available for storing baking sheets and pizza pans on edge.

We have way more baking sheets and muffin pans than we need, so it sometimes still gets out of hand.
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G'day @kp91 (Doug).
Are you still sailing the 7 seas (well, coastel USA), or now retired?

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) yes, I am still working at sea. Been running the US Gulf Coast to California trade via the Panama Canal lately. I was hoping to be retired by now, but I still have one tuition left to finish paying for. There is light at the end of the tunnel for sure.

Wish I was able to visit the forum as much as I did int he past, but life is getting in the way for sure!
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