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I have the Triton TWX7 work bench with the Triton router module mounted underneath.
I was using a 4” three bladed router bit with a bearing at each end. I was routing a piece of three inch ply when the router bit grabbed the wood, tore itself out of the chuck (which was definitely tightened up before I started) and flew across the workshop. It grazed my thumb and elbow on its way. Fortunately I suffered no injuries apart from shock!
The lesson learned is ; how often do we check our installation is secure? When I investigated I found the whole router assembly (secured to the underside of the bench module with four bolts) had loosened over time meaning the entire router was loose!
Thankfully I got way with it (this time)!

Be careful out there!
In the Australian woodwork forum, people have YEARS AGO already pointed out that the UK designed TWX7 is not strong enough to carry the weight of the Triton Router.
Australian designed Triton Router Table RTA300 was much more robust but was unfortunately discontinued.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts