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A routing tutorial for beginners Part Five

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Because there are 57 photographs in this tutorial I'm only posting it in pdf format, enjoy.


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Thanks Harry.

Another step up the ladder.
Nice job Harry.
Thanks Harry!! I've downloaded and will try to do it justice.

Thanks Harry :)

Downloaded and I am looking forward to getting a look at it.

Oh BTW I am sure someone has already "Stickied" this...?
Thanks guys, I look forward to seeing the results of members giving it a go, it really isn't that difficult and makes a change from relying on a router beneath a table.

Another great tutorial!
I am in awe about what you seemingly make look so simple! I can only dream that I could do something so beautiful!
Agree with you, Gary.
Thank you Gary and Alexis, you're very kind.
Hi Harry,

Thanks for posting this series plus your many other postings. It's (slowly) helping this newbie learn.

Regards, Dick
Thank you Dick and don't be shy to ask questions, the chances are that there are other members too shy to ask the same questions.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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