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A Simple Halloween Prop

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This simple sign was made out of pine using the CNC for the carving, and then a little help with the bandsaw and disc sander on the edges. The black was spray painted, the excess sanded away, and then a quick wipe with some cherry stain. About an hour's project, not counting design time.


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Love that text , suits Halloween perfectly. Nice finish to
Very nice, Oliver, as usual! Good job.

Great sign. Love the look with your edge treatment and cherry stain. Could make this into a good Man Cave sign, widen the text out a little bit.
Like the look of it Oliver. Good job mate!!
Very nice, what is the font?
The font is "Eva Fangoria" from
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Way Cool Dude!
If I had an imagination, I would look up the lyrics to the song Dead Mans Curve, tweak them to fit this thread, learn how to dub the changed words in, and post the results. If anyone is more tech savvy than me (pretty much everybody) and wants to run with this idea, I’d love to hear your results. Gaffboat the finish really made that sign pop!
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That looks great...! ! !
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