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A table for my DP

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Happy new year to all of you.

By the end of the last year, I decided to make a table for my DP.

Based on a drawing that I found on the web, I laminated two pieces of 16mm thick plywood with a length of 22”. Then, I rescued two pieces of blue HPL and glued four pieces of hardwood all around its perimeter. The table width is 12” just to use all the T tracks that I got from Rockler. A 4”x4” square was routed in the center of the table to insert sacrifice plywood.

The table fence was made with three pieces of ½”x3” and 24” long. A dado for a T track was routed and two homemade stop blocks with homemade knobs were installed. With a 3” cup saw a section was removed to allow the chuck free rotation.

Using two double-threaded 3/8” screws with two homemade knobs, the table was attached to the drill press’ iron table. I checked the squareness of the table and the fence.

I am happy with it.


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Looks like a very workable work surface for your drill press. I did something similar and haven't regretted it as it's a far better surface to work on and keeps the material secure while drilling.
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Nicely done. I think I will do something similar for mine.
Turned out nice.

. after all the years of a piece of plywood for a top, I finally made mine with dust collection but wasn't happy it wasnt larger . Guess I'll build it again
Nice use for your T-track. I made a very simple fence for mine but I'd love to have stop blocks like you have... Maybe a springtime project is in the works.
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Very nicely done. Nice use of Ttrack for stop blocks and to hold things down. You moved? How is it living in China?
Nicely done.
Hi Tom.

I am wishing that you overcome all the health issues that affected you last year.
I came back from China in 2014. I was there doing a job for a big drinking water project that is still a project.
Living in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai is not a problem. A different situation is to live in "small" counties where the customs are very basic and, sometimes, nasty for western people. Once I lived in a county where the English version of the newspaper takes three days to arrive. The local newspaper is in Chinese and sometimes in the local language.
Generally speaking, it was interesting to know the regional traditions and cultures of visited places.
A happy new year for you and your relatives.
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