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A Walnut Jewelry Box

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My first time with walnut and my first project with my new table saw (and a straight fence!). I looked around online for plans, but didn't find anything that fit what I wanted, so I made my own. The basic design came from one of Norm's projects, but his was pretty plain, so I added some scroll work to the apron and the lid, and brought the drawers out to overlay the face frame.

The top is a negative pattern of the apron, on a slightly larger scale. The design was laid out using Google Sketchup. I made the molding around the edge myself. Since I only had 3/4 stock to work with, I rabbetted the edges of the drawers so they only have a 1/2 profile from the face frame. What you don't see in the pics is the piano hinge and brass chain to hold the lid open at about 120 degrees that I have since added. the drawer sides are birch ply, and the top drawer is a false drawer, it doesn't pull out.

I was going to put a mirror on the underside of the lid, but the wood was too pretty to cover up.

Finished with dark walnut stain, a mixture of boiled linseed oil and polyurethane next, followed by a couple of coats of satin polyurethane.

Just need some felt in the drawers and I'm all set. I think the drawer sides need some more stain as well, but I wanted to go ahead and post some pics.


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A beautiful piece of work "R".
Very Nice rpice54

What kind of bit did you use on the top ?, I know how hard it can be to get into the tight radius without burn marks, and to get the bit to make the cut true.
Brand name,bit name,part number please :) thanks.

Bj :)
Great looking project there Mr.Price. A fine job for first time. Looks professional to me.
jewelry box

nice job If you want to Flock the inside with suede here is a site that has any color you want I flock all my box's with it You can get it at different supplyers This is the co. This stuff work's easy and looks great
Beautiful job del
I love the finish
thanks for the flocking info, I haven't yet decided exactly how to divide up the drawers, but the flocking sounds much easier than trying to apply adhesive and felt to the inside- how durable is it? I just don't want it pulling up after a year or two.

as for the radius on the lid- I spent a lot of time trying to decide if I should take a chisel to the lid and square up the top profile to match the bottom- and then I decided my hand tool skills were not up to par and left it alone.

as far as the bit goes, it's just a regular ogee bit- I bought a ryobi starter pack with 18 bits when I bought my first router. but I went very slow in getting to the full profile- shaving off little bits at a time and not going for a full thickness cut. I actually placed a larger radius bearing on the bit and worked my way towards that with 2 passes, and then changed to a smaller bearing, and took two passes to get all the way to it. The final pass ended up only taking off ~1/16 which allowed me to run through the profile pretty quickly and thus avoiding most of the burn marks, the rest had to be sanded out by hand.

but I think it was more technique than bit, because it's certainly not a high end bit, but when a little patience is used I get good results from it.
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Thanks for the feed back rpice54

Have you tried the bits below they work great for tight radius... :)

Again very nice job :)
Bj :)
Hi rpice54

Can you PLEASE take a snapshot of the bit you used with the SMALL bearing on it, I have not seen one that small b/4 and I'm always on the look out for new bits.

The only I have that small is a 1/4" flush trim bit with a 1/4" OD bearing on it.

Bj :)
sure, I'll do it when I get home
Nice job. That's a good looking jewlery box! I like the scroll work you did. Keep'em coming!


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