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A whirlwind day of tool savings

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First a huge thanks to the folks who replied to my post "Which tools for most jobs". You people were so helpful in assisting me in determining how to equip my start up woodworking shop.

After learning of 20% (plus) discounts going on at all the major stores and online shopping I started my day out with taking advantage of every dollar in savings I could possible configure. I spent around $1600 on tools today which resulted in savings of over $350. That was about the price I paid for a 6" Ridgid jointer so I figure I got it about "free".

Very little achieved at my desk job today what few hours I was there and I am dead on my feet from all the shopping and making HD match the others (plus) 10% because they have not started their 20% off until Friday :D (a big gloat on this one) That equates to 30% percent off on what I purchased there. In addition, I was able to use an extra $25 discount coupon at Amazon by spliting my order into 2 orders which qualified me twice on the extra savings in adition to the heavy discounts I found there. ($50 extra saved)

To make a long story short, I now have about all the major tools for my future dream shop that I could ask for and stand ready to formulate a proper floor layout and get started in the right direction. None of this would have been possible this early in the picture had it not been for this forum and the nice helpful folks participating here. I look at all the people viewing and wish to encourage them to get involved here. Ask questions.... reply to questions.... add comments.... do more than cruise thru. We all have to start somewhere and no one has NOT offered help when a question is at hand. We all can learn, we all can contribute, no matter how large or how small. Each post adds to the base of knowledge sharing. I know first hand that this forum has helped me in a big way, and I have made some new and valuable friends in just a short period of time.

Thanks for listening to my "gloat" of a whirlwind day. Now to crash and dream of tomorrow's shop and building my personal dream router table as my first project.

Bob N.
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Congrats Bob N on your whirlwind day. Thats what this forum is for: "Help not Hinder". Good luck on your router table.
Hey Bob N,

Wow, I know it feels good getting all those tools. The feeling some of us get when getting tools is the same feeling Ralphie got when he received his genuine Red Ryder 200-shot Carbine Action Air Rifle in the movie "A Christmas Story." What a great feeling! Congrats!

Boricua :cool:
Does this mean that when I go shopping all the good stuff will be gone?

Sounds like a banner day for the tools companies. My shopping shop list is worth about what you spent but I have only $50 in funds in the "tool chest" so the stores will not be seeing a big jump in sales from me. Good thing you made up for us under spenders.

Now be safe, don't let any "icicles" get you like in the case of Ralphie........

May you and your tools be happy.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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