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Sorry Bob, Love ya man!, but I gotta disagree with that - Are we talkin plywood or hardwood here? Plywood I agree, but that's a different scenario - warpage - not joints failing.

My suggestion is to, if possible, store the wood where it's gonna ultimately end up in every day usage for at least 5 days (and there's no hard and fast rules here unless you have a moisture meter - I do not) - The WHOLE issue here is "If it's dry when you got it" - How do you know that? - are you using a meter? I'ts not always possible to store it in the final location - I know that - but at least in a similar environment (I've had some wood under a couch in my family room for a couple weeks now - the Supreme Being isn't too pleased, but I'm hoping she'll like the tables when they're finished) - If you're in a rush, then you're in the wrong passtime (or obsession). Especially if we're talking big box outlets here, haven't you seen the pallets of wood sitting out under the contractors awning while it's pouring cats and dogs?

Might not matter too much depending on the size and complexity of the grain orientation, but if I'm putting panels together that are larger than, lets say 15", I'm gonna wait - but you know what? I'm so skill defecient and it takes me so long to do even the simple tasks like panel joining, that I'm gonna give myself every opportunity for success I can get!!

OK, I know I went off east on that, but I HAVE had a few fail, and it ain't pretty!

OK Guys, hit me in the head with those Walnut 2x6's!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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