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adirondack project complete.

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Remember I was looking for plans for an adirondack love seat a while back.
well i made my own, but then the missus decided she needed somewhere to put them, so this is the result.

I made the chair, the love seat, the table, the pergola, and even the flower pot stand. (But not the tin buckets hanging on the wall)

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Nice job Bob and if you kept the missus happy doing it then much better.
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Looks good Bob that is what I call a complete project.
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Those are really great. Problem with those chairs out here on the edge of the Mojave Desert is that anything like this quickly becomes home to black widow spiders. That patio of yours really looks nice and inviting. Good place for a toddy in the evening.
Tom, I thought black widow spiders were only in australia?

we have scorpions here, but they are miniature not even an inch long and rarely seen.

we do have a lot of snakes though, 8 varieties, 2 of which are poisonous and one extremely so. Luckily its rare to see the poisonous ones. Despite them being "protected" by law, any one who sees one while out hunting will shoot it because of the hunting dogs.
I don't think you did a very good job carving out the plants and shrubs - they kinda look fake - but the rest of the project is A-one - great looking set up.
Ok just kidding on the plants, but you probably knew that.

One question, though - how did you anchor the supports for the pergola? I see a metal angle at the bottom, but it looks like the supports are raised. I just finished making a couple of planter boxes for my daughter which she wants incorporated into a privacy screen - it will be at the end of her driveway leading into the back yard, but will be on pavement. My thought was to use the two planter boxes and attach a frame of 2x2 with some lattice, 6 feet x 6 feet to the planters and hope that the planters keep the structure from falling over. The planter boxes are quite heavy, even before putting in a 12" pot filled with soil and plants.
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Vince, apart from the plant in the lower right hand corner, they are all fake, even the bush. My wife has finally admitted that gardening in this country is too much like hard work. The area with the black decking used to be a flower bed with a 16 foot tall yucca tree in it.

The pergola is mounted onto very sturdy iron brackets, bolted down to the ground. This is a very common method here, it stops ants and other burrowing insects from nesting between wood and ground. And also stops the posts soaking up rainwater. They are sold in every builders merchants and DIY shop.

I'll do some surfing and see if i can find more details (I dont even know what they are called, I just pick them and pay for them.)
cant find anything like it on google images, I'll take a couple close ups tomorrow.
Nice job, Bob.
I had to keep the pergola simple. Due to complicated zoning laws here, its regarded as an illegal structure as its within 3 metres of the government boundary wall of the estate.
So there is a small possibility that a jobs worth could come along and make me take it down, even though there are fields on 3 sides of me and no foot traffic. So everything is screwed and bolted, no glue or complicated joints.
Bob - with your description I understand what you've done. I was seeing something dark and it looked like it was some sort of bar running up through the center of the posts but I see now that it is a shadow and the back side of the far bracket - if I'm correct, each post has two brackets holding it off the ground.

So, are those ceramic tiles and the brackets are screwed into them? Isn't there a possibility that any shifting of the posts would pull the tiles up? Not sure what your winds are like there, but here I'd be worried that any wind would blow the structure sideways and lift the tiles up. Perhaps I'm misreading the application.

BTW, my mention of the plants was a feeble attempt at humour - I didn't realize they were fake - but the one in the right corner looks really good!!! :wink::laugh2:
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Thats a 4" (10cm) square post. held about 3" (75mm) above the floor
Dont worry about the floor, you can see now its stamped concrete.
We do get very strong regular gales here known as "coptic winds", so the pergola is bolted to the back wall on two posts as well as the concrete on the other three.

CY What is a Cyprus Coptic Storm |
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Nice work Bob , and I really like the way the blue colour looks with the brown . Makes for an awesome combination imo ;)
Bob, I was trying to figure out the top of your pergola and was scratching my head. Then I realized that you have what looks like fabric woven through the top, for shade I guess. (I need new glasses)

I've seen metal "points" that attach to the bottom of posts here, for pounding into the ground but I never seen those brackets, for lagging up off the floor... interesting.

Nice job, Bob.
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