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Adjustable height bench and bobbin winder

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My sweetie has been a weaver for 40 plus years. Recently at a estate sale she picked up an 8 harness loom to replace her 4 harness loom. And she picked up a broken bobbin winder. I built a new bench and re-built the bobbin winder. The bench is all cherry except for the stretcher, didn't have a large enough piece of stock, so I used a construction grade 2 x 4. It's pretty clear looking at the grain that it's not cherry but the color came out okay. It was my first tusked mortise and tenon.

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The winder (first pic how we got it and second pic my re-build) had a motor and foot switch but was missing pieces. I made it a spring tension unit.

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Thanks for looking!
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Pretty much Tom. It's actually a shuttle (one for each color) that that is passed back and forth. The bobbin is suspended in the shuttle.
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