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After scanning pics of router tables thread I decided that I am interested in a table as portable and spartan as they come, honestly if it would be still be effective I'd just throw a router table top on some saw horses and call it a day.
That would work.

As a DIY I was attracted to the idea of building a table, but after reading through this build I now am thinking it might be a bit beyond my skills as a woodworker:
plus not owning a table saw makes straight cuts a challenge...
Depends on just how fancy you want to get. I'm on about my 4th or 5th version, 1/2" plywood top, held by a spiderweb of 2X4 chunks under, and bolted to a shelf. Homemade router plate to go with it. Not sure what the total cost is, but probably less then $5, less than $10 for sure - I reuse the bolts, etc. This one has been in use for at least 10 years, with no problems.

Clamp a straight edge on a piece of wood, and cut with a skil saw. No prob. But for what I do, I tack a straight edge on my wood, then rout a straight line. Works for me.

I am interested in any recommendations on DIY or factory tables plus a router to match. I don't want to throw a budget cap on this, I want to buy something worthwhile... But I don't have much money laying around to spare, so affordable is a must.
Now I am not 'recommending' you make a table like mine, but it shows you don't have to be fancy. I have I think three working routers just now, all Craftsman, all 1/4" shank. Bought one for around $50 new, used it for years, then a solder joint came loose in it, not fixed that yet, just bought another at around $50, niew. Got some similar ones given to me, for cost of shipping. The newest router I have is at least 10 years, and still working fine. Hit some yardsales. I like having several routers, each with a different bit, then I can change bits in just a few seconds. Plus, if one router goes kaput, you've got at least one more working router you can use. I'm not cheap, I'm just on a fixed income, and usually pretty close to broke.
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