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After-market bases for Makita RTO, from China.

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I’ve just taken delivery of the two bases on the left, Chinese made and sold on Ebay. They are cheap and cheerful and reasonable to good value for the price. They fit the RTO router pretty well, and hold it solidly enough for routing. Out-of-the-box, they needed some minor fettling, I tapped the holes in the bases to M4x0.75 and added washers to the clamp mechanism. I think they’ll be useful for jigs and fixtures etc, and the huge advantage of them is the view of the cutter if I’m routing a groove to a line or trying to intercept another groove. For the price - recommended, but be prepared to fettle them.
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It looks the same as the Ryobi one that I fitted to this Makita trim router what seems like light years ago. This shot was taken when I advertised and sold it on Gumtree after buying an RTO700CX3


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It certainly does. I’ve got the RTO 700 CX3 also, fantastic little tool.
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