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Again FT2000E router manual

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Need a manual for the Freud FT2000 or FT2200 plunge router. I got this router as an attachment with a hybrid table saw I purchased used. Would be nice to have the manual. The router does seem to work but haven't made any dust with it yet.
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Well I feel stupid. Went there earlier and it didn't down load. I had to hit get image. I got the image. Thanks for the reply.
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No problem Jon - looked at your profile page and looks like you've got a nice collection of tools as well as some experience. Now that you've joined the forum, stick around, you'll like it here. We're all friendly and there are a lot of folks with enough experience to answer most questions and help solve most problems. Until you get to 10 posts, you can only upload pictures that reside on your computer. Getting to 10 won't take long if you make a few comments, welcome some newcomers. Welcome.
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