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Air Compressors

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I purchased a Makita Mac5200 air compressor primarily for a pin nailer and finish nailer but also for the occasional framer or small impact wrench. I am aware that the tank is too small and I plan on adding a second tank at so point.

My question is how much air loss should you expect from a tank over time? I am noticing that after about 8 hours with the machine unplugged it is going from 135 PSI to 125PSI. Eight hours more and it is 80PSI and additional 8 hours it is at 45PSI. With an additional 8 hours it is at 25PSI. Is this normal? Does it take a while for all the parts to seal?

Thanks guys.
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if you can not find the leak, it maybe a bad check valve. compressor to tank. we at work have had some of the newer units have had this problem. we use lot more small units in labs you may want to make sure the unit has cycle enough to get a new all the valves to seat. if you not leaking beyond the tank. we even had that one had a bad tank weld. small systems seem to leak a lot more often than the large systems. AKA 200 to 500 gallon, 20 to 100 Hp.
hope this is some help.
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