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Allow me to introduce myself

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Good evening all. My name is Tom. I'm 51 yrs. old, a veteran, full time carpenter and part time woodworker.
To date, most of my woodworking projects have been of the simple variety - shelving/bookshelves & nice birdhouses. Nothing more complicated than a stopped dado every now and again.

Over the last couple of years, I've slowly been accumulating the tooling necessary to build furniture, something I've wanted to do for many years but have never really had the time or money to devote to it. Still don't actually, but recently my daughter asked me to build a toybox for my grandaughter, so I figured what better time to see what I can do.

When it comes to woodworking, I'm basically self taught. I've got a lot of woodworking books & when they don't adequately explain how to do something I turn to the internet and the near inexhaustable amount of information available. In the last few weeks, I've managed to glue up & make my first seven raised panels and am currently in the process of building a box joint jig for the tablesaw since I thought that would look really nice on the four corners of the toybox. I've done this joint before on my router table but didn't realize until all of the parts were cut that said table only has a capacity of 16" where I need to do 20". (Sure do hope I don't screw this up!)

At any rate, I've been having a blast learning how to do all these new things. It's also shown me several other tools I'm going to need down the road that would make the job easier. Definitely going to need a good dust collection system. That wasn't even on the list but after cleaning up the shop a little bit this morning with the shopvac, well, let's just say it's on the list now.

Been lurking here for a couple of weeks but hope to be a longtime contributor down the road. I'll be talking at you...
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Hi ygdrasis54

"table only has a capacity of 16" where I need to do 20""

Here's a trick I use, cut the board to the max your saw can take on less a 7/16" then take both parts to the router table and get your T & G router bit set out ,run both ends then take the short board back the saw table and put the rest of the slots in.
When you done glue it back up as one board. (the grain should match when you done or almost)
Run a test board b/4 you run it in your router table, you want it to come out true and flush. (Most T& G sets cut a 7/16" deep slot.)

Bj :)
Thanks much for the thought Bob but I can't do that in this case as the four sides of the toybox are already glued up. Each side has raised panels & is built like a kitchen cabinet door laying on it's side. The stiles running horizontally full length joined to vertical rails at each end and in betw. panels. So, each end that needs the joint comprises the full length of the rails and the ends of the top/bottom stiles. My design, my error.

I should've run the rails full length then mortised/tenoned them to the stiles. That way, I wouldn't be too worried about screwing it up as I'd only have to redo the rails. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

"Hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn't it?" = YES it is ,I use it all the time but I just about always add the word DAM when I use it :)

I think I got it now,,,You are making a toy box and using cabinet door type Panels then to hook them at the corners you are going to use a Box joint,,,RIGHT >
This is when the Oak-Park box joint jig for the router table would come in nice.
It will let you put in box joints in any thing, it can be 8ft long no big deal.
Just need a bit of support on the ends to help hold it up the table top.

see link below. besure view the demo
Or this one ▼

Have a good weekend
Bj :)
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You've got it right Bob. That's some jig by Oak park. Thanks for the link.
You're Welcome Tom :)

Bob and Rick do come up with some NEAT jigs....

If you buy do buy the jig buy all 3 of them you will use them all the time like I do it's one of the best jig I have in my jig tool box,I use in place of some dovetails because it works so great and so easy to do.
Once you make one you will have it down :) it's that easy and you may put your jig for the table away for good.

Bj :)
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