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Alltrade Drill Press

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I hope this is in the correct section. I have an Alltrade drill press, model 1960-D-513N. I believe I bought it from Harbor Freight many moons ago. The copyright on the manual is 1986, but I more than likely got it in the early 90s. The problem is that no matter what drill bit I have in it, if you look at the end of the drill bit as its running, its not true. The drill appears to be going out of round. I’m not sure how else to explain it. When I’m trying to drill in the edge of hobby board the hole ends up off center. Is there a way to correct this short of replacing the drill press? Could the chuck be bad? I have inspected the machine and can not find anything loose. Any assistance will be very appreciate. Take care. Wayne
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Could the chuck be bad?
Very definitely! I replaced my Jacobs chuck on Boice-Crane drill press a few years ago and it made all the difference in the world.
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Thank you David for getting back to me. I will look into the Jacobs chuck. Is this chuck press fitted or held on with a screw. The chuck on this machine press fitted. Again thank you for the help. Wayne
I will look into the Jacobs chuck. Is this chuck press fitted or held on with a screw. The chuck on this machine press fitted.
JacobChuck makes all sorts of mounts.
The popular "press fit mount" is known as JT33 (Jacob's Taper #33)
You may also need to determine whether you Arbor shaft and bearings are OK and true first because JacobsChuck may solve say only 75% of your problem.
Use a dial gauge to test how true is the shaft when spinning.
I put a dial indicator on a shoulder above the taper. Turning by hand there is a bit of defection in the needle. If I read it right it looks like .0001 - .0002 ( if I am reading the gauge right. Been a while). While running at 600RPM the deflection is larger. If I could post a video you would better understand. The bearing on the shaft do not sound bad but I did notice a bit of grinding in the motor bears. I will look into those. Here is a picture of my dial indicator setup. Thank you for all the help Wayne.


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If I could post a video you would better understand.
Video widescreen/landscape, post it to YouTube, paste the link here.
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Sorry David I’m afraid I don’t know the first thing about You Tube. I’m just an old fashion guy. Don’t have Facebook, twitter or any of the social medias. My cell and iPad are about as far as I go with with modern items. And I can mess them up too. The bearings in the motor are grinding. Not sure if that could effect the output shaft. We will see about getting them changed. About 20 bucks a piece. And I will look into a new chuck. Possibly keyless.
Welcome to the forum @captf71_5790
Welcome to the forum..
Well I have made a few changes to my drill press. I replaced the motor bearings, and chuck. Installed a Jacobs chuck from Home Depot that would go on a Wen drill press. JT33 keyless, 1/64 - 5/8. Limited budget. Some one had mentioned that with the keyless chuck you would loose about 2” of drill space. True. I still have a bit of a wobble especially with the smaller drill bits. If you move the chuck left and right there is about 1/8” or so play in the shaft. I did not get to read all of captf_5790s links. I will try some of the ideas in the second link. Will keep you up date as I can. Thank you captf_5790 and welcome.
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I recall when I got my WEN DP, it had a bit of a wobble. The chuck went in by pressure. a board underneath and a few wacks with a mallet. I removed it and re fitted it more carefully and the wobble disappeared. But if it's older, the bearings could just (or also) be worn.
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One thing to check is the alignment of the press itself. It could have shifted over time or wasn't properly aligned, to begin with. You can find tutorials online on how to align a drill press, or you can consult with a professional.

Also, have you tried using a center punch before drilling? It can help guide the bit and prevent it from wandering off-center. Lastly, I wanted to mention UPET GROUP, a company that offers a wide range of industrial and manufacturing equipment, including drill presses. They have a team of experts who can assist you with your issue or recommend a replacement if necessary.
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