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Hi All!
I recently retired to do what I always wanted: Invent easier, simpler, and cheaper ways ways to do woodworking. College educated in natural sciences and mathematics, self taught mechanics, machinist, piping, instrumentation, electrical, and woodworking. The following is a list of accomplishments:

1) A computer generated strip of paper added to a Dewalt 735 hand wheel guarantees 0.002" thickness accuracy without a DRO.
2) A horseshoe magnet added to a drill press stop rod eliminates a jam nut.
3) A bungy chord keeps your chuck key safe and handy.
4) A remote DRO added to the SawStop carriage guarantees 0.001" depth accuracy without trial cuts.
5) Two old Rockwell saw tables yield a dual spindle router table for matched pair routing without changing bits.
6) A converted slot mortiser serves as a horizontal/angle router table, dowel drill, finger jointer, and mortiser on unlimited length stock.
7) Simple PVC pipe cap eliminates 90% of bandsaw dust.
8) Working...Having supply chain issues getting necessary materials and tooling.
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Welcome to the forum.
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