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Or, just plan on trimming the last partial joint off after cutting the box joints. The box then looks better but is slightly smaller. I do it this way, if the box size isn't critical. Trying to center them never seemed to gain much, since then you can have partial joints both top and bottom. I also frequently remove one complete joint when cutting the lid off, to keep the box joint pattern looking right. You can plan for this by adding the width of the joint to the height of your box, so you end up with the desired box height after you finish.

You said something similar in the post about the 10 mm box that you made, "Yea, it becomes one finger shorter that way though. I usually don't do it, unless I'm trying to make it "look better" and the box is tall enough to be able to loose one finger pair for this." I meant to ask a question about that at the time and forgot - if you take out a strip equal to one finger, don't you wind up with an unbalanced pattern? - ie Face, End, End, Face, etc., rather than Face, End, Face, End, etc. - although you do say "finger pair" later in the quote which seems to make sense, and also agrees with the picture. So, for a 3/8" box joint, you would have to make the box 3/4" taller to allow cutting an adjacent finger and space. Thanks.
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