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Like so many other forum members, I tend to browse all the woodworking magazines. I spotted an interesting article in Woodcraft magazine about carving "Wood spirit" canes. Mind you the last thing I carved was a Pinewood Derby car in Cub Scouts and that is just barely carving! Anyways the article showed a step by step process for creating one of these interesting canes along with several finished examples. I am going to experiment with a scrap piece of 2x4 and try carving one of the spirit faces. I am using a set of wood carving chisels purchased at the dollar store. I don't expect them to stand up for more than one project, but it is a cheap way to find out if carving is for me. I would be delighted to hear from members who carve, either with hand or power tools. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! I will post a photo of my project (or firewood) once it is completed.
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