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An old Bosch 1617 makes a "scratchy" noise?

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My old reliable Bosch 1617 has abruptly begun to present a new scratchy sort of sound which can be heard immediately after powering off, while the spindle rotation continues and decelerates to a stop.
Now that I recognize the sound, I can hear the same faint noise if I turn the spindle by hand.

I am wondering if this may seem familiar with other owners and if you can advise what sort of maintenance is possible.

Thank you.
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I suspect that brushes may be an issue but I'd look for other responses as I can't say I've ever heard that noise nor have I replaced brushes. And of course calling Bosch is always a good possibility for guidance on maintenance question. Not sure where you are located as you haven't populated the profile with name or location yet.
If you can feel any roughness when turning the spindle it’s the bearings.
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More likely bearings but don't discount the brushes...they may be at the very end of their spring travel (worn down). If it's the brushes, clean the commutator well before installing new ones...make sure there are no scratches on it from the brushes. To troubleshoot, take the brushes out and spin the shaft by hand. If sound continues proceed to bearings ("do not pass GO")...
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Any noise, my usual suspect are the bearings......
I have a very old (at least 20) Bosch. It does not have the soft start so you better hold on when you turn it on. I keep it for when I have a really nasty job that could lead to failure of my newer routers. I will say one thing thing for it the Bosch has really been rode hard and put up wet many times but still keeps going.
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