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Andr� Roubo�s The Book of Plates

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André Roubo’s The Book of Plates

André Roubo’s The Book of Plates....Hardbound Book....Like New!
$95.00 includes domestic ground UPS shipping.

Willing to accept personal checks, if you are willing to wait several days to assure clearing bank.

Lost Art Press

“The Book of Plates” contains every single gorgeous illustration from all of the volumes of André-Jacob Roubo’s “l’Art du Menuisier,” the most important woodworking book of the 18th century. All the plates are printed full size on #100 Mohawk Superfine paper – the best paper available today.

The book itself is 472 pages long and measures 10” wide, 14-1/4” tall and 1-3/4” thick – a sizable chunk. It ships in a custom-made box.

As with all Lost Art Press books, “The Book of Plates” is produced entirely in the United States. It is hardbound, casebound, with sewn signatures and a cloth cover. The book is designed to outlast us all. The plates were scanned from 18th-century originals at the highest resolution available and are printed at a linescreen that will produce the maximum detail possible.

We think “The Book of Plates” is an intoxicating look at 18th-century work, everything from furniture to architectural woodwork, carriage-making, marquetry and garden woodwork. And we are not alone. Roubo’s volumes are still the legal standard when it comes to the craft of woodworking in most of the world.
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Here are some illustrations and the foreword to the book. Amazing illustrations. This will definitely make you appreciate your power tools while increasing your respect for classic tools and methods.

Here is the whole book in a flip through version. Best viewed on a large monitor.

One interesting point is the proportions of things like the workbench, clearly built for people of small size. We tend to forget that it wasn't until the development of better nutrition, especially the Post WWII availablity of vitamin supplements that we started getting the giant people that are average height today. I also noticed the leveling off then drop in height in the USA post 1950, concurrent with the growth of fast food in the USA. Europe, which resisted fast food, continued increasing height.


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My, I hope someone discovers this item. This was fascinating.
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