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angle cutting jig

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I caught the tail end of a program in which Rick and Bob were using some sort of wooden "jig" to put 30 and 45 degree bevels on the edge of stock for a stool, using what looked like a 2" or better straight cutting bit. I think I can use that jig. Do not find it in the book Bob and Rick did. Is there another place I can learn about it and how to make it?
If I can make that jig it might save me buying a BIG 45 chamfer bit.
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After watching Rick and Bob, you notice something- they use jigs for EVERYTHING! In several of my postings, I can't get enough of their input. I am facinated with their methods. My high school woodshop was never taught their way.
I do remember them using a jig to make bevels. -Derek
Hi: I caught that show. They made a angled cut on atable saw and used it as an aux. fence. The angle was on the table so that the material to be beveled went into the bit at the desired angle. The same idea can be done on a planer, or if you have a jointer, just adjust the fence. You have to remember the show is about routers and they go through making a lot of jigs just to be able to use those routers. If you were in a shop, making one specific project it would be time consumming to make all the jigs for a one off project. Woodnut65
Thanks for reply. I don't have a jointer etc. and I DO have a need for some pieces 45 and 30 degrees. I can buy a large 45 chamfer bit that I can run some 1" oak through to get my edges, but I thought if I could make up a simple jig to do it I might save a couple bucks. And a guy is always putting 45's on one thing or another.
I suppose a couple of bits might be the best way to go in the long run. And I agree, the whole point of the series is to "sell" the utility of routers. And just maybe a few products along the way. Ha!
Is there a "plan" for that jig someplace?
Hi, Birchwood: I don't know of a plan for it it was a board that they sawed at an angle and I believe they taped it to the table with double sided tape then run the material through it. It's pretty simple, but I would have cut the board a little wider than they did. To make a 45 degree angle you cut a board at 45 degrees with a table saw, or a band saw and tape it down. Hope this helps.. Woodnut65
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