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Another 8-sided box

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I purchased a board from West Penn Lumber in Conover, NC several years ago. Don't remember the species. It looks like pink ivory, but not positive.

I made an 8-sided box that about 5" tall. The 8-strips are about 2 1/4" wide. The finish is Zar oil-base polyurethane that I dilute 50/50 with mineral spirts.

There is probably enough of the wood left to make one more box. I have shown it to 4-people and all would like to have one. I told them my granddaughter gets first choice. Ha!

Also I'm including two picture of boxes that I made several weeks ago out of ambrosia maple and tiger maple. Some of the boxes have bubinga on the tops. I may have already shown you guys these.

Malcolm / Kentucky USA


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Those would make some really nice cookie jars. Nice job Malcolm.
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Fantastic,Malcolm, I lve your boxes. Great job.
Beautiful work. Are the joints splined?
I put maple splines in the eight corners. I use a bird-mouth bit to help make the joints.
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All very nice, Malcolm! I always look forward to your work - excellent!

Sweet boxes, especially if you fill them with those aforementioned cookies! I've been wanting to make some boxes and this just makes that want grow...
Malcolm, you always find beautiful wood and consistently make beautiful use of it.
Really like the ambrosia maple! All are very nice but something about the ambrosia!
Not only will those make great cookie jars, but if you ever know someone who collects stop signs - they should prove helpful.

What I really need is a SILENT cookie jar - so Joy doesn't hear me sneaking cookies!

Otis Guillebeau from Auburn, Georgia
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They are gorgeous lucky GD...... Nice job

Otis, I don't think you need any more cookies! Remember, I also make funeral urns. That way I'd get you coming or going. Ha!
I tell my daughter if she wants anything made of wood I would make her one. If my granddaughter wanted anything made, I'd make her 10.
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Nice wood grain, good colors, amazing workmanship. Congrats
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