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I am a "newbie" to some extent, but I am going to take a stab at this and let the pros correct me if need be.

The straight bits will be used in making dado and rabbit cuts for the most part. An example would be making a grove in the middle part of a board to insert the end of a shelf.

The dovetail bit would be used in making dovetail joints such as you see in the side of drawers when you pull them out in finer furniture.

The rounding bits are for rounding the outer edges of the wood. They can also be used in a decorative manner by raising and lowering the bit where the bottom of the bit will form additional patterns along the rounded edge.

As far as that 90 degree V groove.... well, like I said, the pros can field that one :)

Each bit has special and many times multi purposes.. The best thing to do is pop them in the router and experiment. Also I have found myself paying more attention to detail on how furniture around the house was made and put together and then think about what bit or machine was used in the process.

Kind of becomes a challange after awhile.
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