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mailee said:
Just thought I would post my latest gate WIP. routing letters into softwood is not easy.
WOW! I don't see how you routed the letters!
Do you have pics of your pattern & router setup (bit type, etc.)?

That's quite a feat for the router... imho
Oh, and yes, what does it mean (in english :) )

Thank you!

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Thanks for the comments guys. In English it means 'Good luck and fortune' All the routing was done freehand as usual although my wife who is Chinese wrote the characters for me on the computer. It was then a simple process of printing them out and transferring them to the wood with carbon paper. I made sure I made deep cuts with the modelling knife around the letters first to ensure a clean cut, essential on lettering and especially so on softwood. After a little cleaning up they didn't look too bad really. (I did sweat a little on some of the finer details I can tell you) Well the gate is almost finished now and her indoors is very pleased with it. All that remains now is to mount it on the front of our property. :D
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