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Any CNC STEP High-Z / T-series owners on this forum?

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I recently bought a HIGH-Z S-1400/T-105 CNC ROUTER my first CNC router.
Like to see if there are any CNC STEP High-Z / T-series owners here?

Grtx Rick
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I had a few newbie issues and I contacted CNC-STEP GmbH & Co. KG support.
I could not get my remote control configured using a UK keyboard layout (mostly my own bad).

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Created a ticked, next day support did a remote desktop (on my CNC connected PC) showed me how and what to do (in English although it's a German company) I was very pleased! But that's what I expect from a German company, quality, efficient and thorough.

I mostly work with all kinds of soft/hard wood and occasionally soft metals like copper, brass & aluminum (not thicker than 2 or 4 mm) and as you can guess & expect no problems at all.

But again I'm far from being an expert in anything CNC (learning every day)

Grtx Rain

PS. Totally un related but used my CNC for this project

This door was for a friend I do this as a hobby :)
Thanks mate. Inspiring work you're doing there!
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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