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any good for around routers ?

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I found a site that shows how to make a silent dust collecto...

Might this work for around our routers ? Please remember I am a newbe.

old folks
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A pillowcase will not trap the small (below 30 microns) particles, and these are the ones that cause lung damage. If you already have a 5 gal or bigger ShopVac, then I would recommend three enhancements: (1) The ShopVac HEPA (1 micron) cartridge filter (2) the ShopVac yellow bags (for drywall dust) and (3) mini cyclone lid and 5 gal bucket.

I got my cyclone lid at Woodcraft. Search on "dust collection" or "trash can".

The cyclone will catch all of the visible chips and dust. The bag will catch most airborne dust that gets past the cyclone. And the HEPA filter insures that nothing larger than 1 micron leaves your ShopVac exhaust. The HEPA filter can be tapped or washed clean. Only the bags must be replaced.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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