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Hi old folks

You only need a 12gal or so Vacuum for most routers, they will pickup/suck up all the chips and most of the dust because of the air filter in most can, most are rated at 1 micron filtration unlike the bag type rated at 30 micron the norm, what go's in needs to come out so to speak :)

You just miss a great deal at HomeDepot and Lowes they had one for $27/$34 on black Fri. but you may want to check with them they still may have one at that price.

I also like to make as much of my shop equipment as I can BUT the DUST COLLECTOR system you will be money ahead to just buy the Vac. and then just add the hose you need and a wireless control for it.(hose from Rockler / Grizzly plus the control unit)
The good bags are not cheap and you will need two of them the norm.

12-Gallon 5 Peak HP Wet/Dry Vacuum, see snapsot below ▼

Model WD1245

1 HP Light Duty Dust Collector


1 MICRON DUST COLLECTOR CONVERSION KIT for the Harbor and the Grizzly
Remote Controls ▼

This is the one I use on my 2hp vac.sys. ▼
CES11200 - Remote Controlled Switch Socket - 3-Pack
But it's for 10amp. but at a great price and should work for most tools in a small shop. ( 5gal.vac.,lights,small tools,etc)

Bj :)


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