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Any great ideas?

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Hi everybody,

One of my wife's friends wants me to build her a stamp pad storage case similar to the one pictured in this web site. I'm just trying to figure out what material to use and how to create the slots. If any of you can come up with any great ideas on building this project please let me know. I'm not going to start yet until I think it through and figure out the best material thickness to use and how to go about building it. I'm not sure if I should use 1/2" thick material or 3/4" thick material. She also wants to hang it against the wall. Hmm...any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
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the compartment dividers look like they could be made of thinply. Take a look at your local hobby store that specializes in radio controlled airplanes. You might be pleasantly surprised at the variety of small dimension wood products they carry if there's a large enough population of hobbyists to support. I've got birch plywood downstairs that's only 1/8" thick and some more at 5/32". Used for fuselage and formers in larger scale planes it gets amazingly rigid when you lock pieces together with tab and slot contruction and the plywood pieces themselves are... well they're plywood! Just tiny.

I had some of that thinply and sanded it to 220 and then coated it with finishing epoxy to fuel-proof it. It was a tremendously durable finish to be sure and had a nice gloss to it. And you could spill methanol/nitro fuel on it and it didn't care! :)
Hey reikimaster,

Thanks for your reply. I thought about that tab and slot construction but not too sure how I should go about cutting the slots if I decide to construct it this way. The shelves and dividers are suppose to be about 3 1/2" maybe I can chuck up a 1/4" spiral bit (or straight bit) on the router and rout the slots in 1/4" plywood but I was thinking that it'll probably be a loose fit when I put the pieces together since 1/4" ply is not exactly 1/4" thick. Still thinking if I should construct it that way or some other way......
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