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Any M12v2 owners out there?

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Just wondering if any M12v2 owners are willing to to share there experiences. Are the new series as good as their big brothers? Any major drawbacks?

I'm in need of a BIG router, and the toss up is between a reconditioned M12v for $140 delivered or a brand new M12v2 for $170 delivered.

Any actual experience with the router is appreciated. I hate reading online reviews where the biggest complaint is the 'appearance' of the new unit.
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According to guys,( they own and test every router ) the M12v2 is not as good as M12v. on the other hand it does have few extra features like dust collection and concidering that both are not made in japan it’s a toss up.
The M12v goes for around 120 at sometimes !!. That's what I paid for mine last year.
If you want the best router and something that will never need an upgrade, I would recommend the Bosch 1619EVS. 255 at amazon.

I have a Hitachi M12V . I bought it about two years ago and have had absolutely no trouble with it, so far. The only babrs I would throw at it is that Hitachi only supplies one wrench for the collet and none for the spindle (uses a sliding spindle lock). That caused a few bruised knuckles till I recently went to the two wrench system. The other barb is the built in Porter Cable guide bushing adapter brackets, that cannot be removed and somewhat limit the size of your bit. Haven't found anything that bogs this router down and I just finished building a cellar stairway for my daughter. Not as fancy as R & B (did not rout in the treads), so I am satisfied with it. Know little about M12V2.
Thanks Joe!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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